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John Henry Newton

26 October 2013 — 5 January 2014


Curated by Adam Carr

Gallery 6 is a new initiative at MOSTYN | Cymru | Wales and this, its third presentation, is an exhibition by John Henry Newton.

John Henry Newton's artworks are as widespread in their approach and use of media, which ranges from painting and drawing to sculpture and cloth making, as they are in their reference points. However all of his works are linked by a rigorous process of research which makes reference to both the language and history of art and that of the everyday, and often respond to the context in which the work is destined to be shown. This exhibition at MOSTYN will address commonly held ways of looking at art, together with the idea of collaboration.
John Henry Newton was born in Swindon in 1988.

Housed in the upper level of MOSTYN, Gallery 6 is dedicated to presenting the work of young and emerging artists, all of whom are yet to have a solo exhibition in an institutional setting, either nationally or internationally. The Gallery 6 space and its associated programme, entitled ‘Uprisings’, provide the opportunity for an artist to work under professional conditions, and to present their work to a larger audience. For the audience too, Gallery 6 will provide a platform for discovery. It will bring to MOSTYN a diverse range of artists, at the very forefront of contemporary art practice, from both home and away.
Inspired by Marcel Broodthaers’s Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles – a fictitious museum that Broodthaers created to critically examine and reflect on the presentation, exhibition and reception of art – Gallery 6’s space has its own distinctive identity, both visually and conceptually. Similar to Broodthaers’ project with its separate aesthetic and distinct agenda from its surroundings, Gallery 6 presents itself as a gallery within a gallery.

Four ‘Uprisings’ occur each year.