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Laura Reeves

15 November 2014 — 8 March 2015


Curated by Adam Carr

Laura Reeves was born in 1987, and lives and works in Swansea. Reeves approach to work, in part, could be compared to the practice of a detective. An in depth process of research, exploring origin, meaning and purpose, characterises the materials she discovers and uses for her pieces. Focusing on the past, and how the past becomes present, her work also mines her own biography and the role of an artist, which is the focal point of her exhibition at MOSTYN.

Her worksheets, presented in the exhibition, began as a way of collecting together a series images. They appear as simple documents, images paired with notes, and are made up of images taken by her family, some by herself and some by professional photographers. As a collection, they take stock of old ideas and allow ideas which have sat in the background to enter her work and be presented, even those she does not feel entirely comfortable with. Connections are made between images through their doubling or appropriation, and the way the worksheets are configured and presented. Together they comment on Reeves’ process of finding material, how she uses it, how it might fail, as well as the conversation she has, an artist, with her own practice (how it develops and is processed), art history and the world at large.