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15 April 2005 — 30 April 2005

Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis

Participating artists
Dale Adcock, Diann Bauer, Dave Beech, Pierre Bismuth, Corine Borgnet, Andrew Bracey, David Burrows, Tomas Chaffe, Jan Christensen, Peter Coffin, Nick Crowe, Layla Curtis, Jason Dodge, Erica Donovan & Matthew Green, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Sarah Emerson, Ciara Finney, Michele Fletcher, Liam Gillick, Tue Greenfort, Steven Gontarski, Rachel Goodyear, Sam Gordon, Ellen Harvey, Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir, Michael Heym, Richard Hughes, James Hutchinson, James Ireland, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Gabriel Kuri, Laurence Lane, Jim Lambie, Kit Lawrence, Cedar Lewisohn, Tor-Magnus Lundeby, Kris Martin, T. Kelly Mason, Paul McDevitt, Adam McEwen, Jim Medway, Jo Mitchell, Jonathan Monk, Motomichi Nakamura, Jeroen Offerman, Roman Ondák, Jonathan Parsons, Richard Priestly, Magnus Quaife, Ian Rawlinson, Tobias Rehberger, Andrea Salvino, Mark Titchner, Gavin Wade, Martin Vincent, Lawrence Weiner, Johannes Wohnseifer, Jordan Wolfson, Neil Zakiewicz, and Toby Ziegler

Curated by Adam Carr

Midway Contemporary Art is pleased to present an exhibition entitled Post Notes, that will occupy the office space of Midway during the last two weeks of April. Opening on April 15th, the exhibition features the work of more than 50 artists who were invited by London-based artist Adam Carr to contribute a work utilizing a standard Post It note.

Carr invited artists via a letter requesting the recipient take a Post It note, create a work, and mail this to Carr’s apartment in London. The artists only limitation was to retain the essence of the Post It. The response ranges from Jonathan Monk’s poetic offerings “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, “Today is just a copy of Yesterday (etc)”, Liam Gillick’s instruction for the director of Midway to elect a book for which Carr will denote pages of interest using Post It notes, to a tale of an unrealized project issued by Tue Greenfort comprising of a carrier pigeon and unsuitable weather conditions.

The exhibition seeks to explore particular curatorial concerns where unorthodox exhibition display, the ephemeral qualities of art production and exhibition construction are the main co- ordinates. An evolving and nomadic exhibition; Post Notes was on view at the ICA in London last month, prior to its arrival in Minneapolis and will continue beyond, attainting new meaning through the context of each transitory installation.