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28 June 2015 — 27 September 2017

Arezzo City Arts Festival, Arezzo

Participating artists
Nina Beier, Claire Fontaine, Tim Foxon, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, Lydia Gifford, May Hands, George Henry Longly, Hannah Lees, Ruairiadh O’Connell, Joe Orr, Jesse Wine

Curated by Adam Carr

ADVENTURES in BRONZE, CLAY & STONE is presented in the context of Icastica, Arezzo’s city arts festival, taking as its starting point Arezzo’s history and mastery in clay ware, in particular Arretine ware, which originated in the city as early as 100 b.c. Another departing point is the Chimera of Arezzo, a bronze sculpture made in 400 b.c. and discovered near the Porta San Lorentino of Arezzo, Italy (ancient Arretium) in 1553.

Against this backdrop, ADVENTURES in BRONZE, CLAY & STONE examines the current use, value and potential of CLAY and BRONZE, and connectedly STONE, through works by contemporary artists. The exhibition involves artists whose work is associated with BRONZE, CLAY & STONE, as well as artists whose practices’ are not commonly linked with the employment of these mediums.

While traditional materials are being looked at and re-examined in ADVENTURES in BRONZE, CLAY & STONE so too are exhibition’s based on a particular medium or discipline of art making. Displayed in a former church – which sets to heighten the sense of the thread of the past – the exhibition takes into account the history and practice of BRONZE, CLAY & STONE in relation to today’s rapid technological growth, particularly the applications and uses of ‘new’ materials, and their effect on art production.